Saturday, January 17

Mascot Broomball on the Square.

This morning was the annual all-mascot broomball match at US Bank Ice Rink over on Fountain Square. We remembered it when we were walking the dogs this morning. And then time just got away from us. It's kind of a bummer, I guess. But I'm pretty sure this year's match was just previous Mascot Broomball games. Like 2010 or 2011 when I shot literally thousands of photos of the matches...
Mascot Broomball
One of my favorite Cincinnati mascots of all-time has to be Rufus, the Cincinnati Public Library's Reading Dog...
Mascot Broomball
We'll have to do a better job next year of making it to the match. I guess it's better to miss it entirely than to hustle over to the Square just to arrive as the match was winding down. I'm looking at you last year. :/

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