Friday, April 4

Still more filming of the movie Carol.

When I was walking home for lunch, I saw some extras from The movie Carol walking
down Sycamore Street to get their lunch...
Downtown Cincinnati
I wish I would have been able to get my phone out quicker when they were all walking
right towards me. It really made you question just which decade you were in. It was
pretty cool because the catering location for the movie extras was in University of
Cincinnati's University Art Galleries on Sycamore located just below our apartment...
After work was over, I heard that the movie was shooting on Ninth Street. On my walk home,
I stopped by Ninth Street to take a look...
Downtown Cincinnati
I didnt see much going on but it was really cool to see all the old 50s era cars lining Ninth
Street. Pretty cool stuff in downtown Cincinnati. :)

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