Saturday, April 5

Horseshoe Saturday.

We went up to Horseshoe Casino this afternoon. First, we were hungry and got a couple
of great burgers at Margaritaville. After Connecticut's incredible win over Florida and before
Wisconsin versus Kentucky, we headed upstairs to check out the viewing party for the
Final Four in one of Horseshoe's grand ballrooms...
Horseshoe Casino
Horseshoe Casino
It was a pretty cool set-up. Being between games the two Final Four games, there weren't
many people up there waiting for the next game to start...
Horseshoe Casino
But it was cool nonetheless. Awesome sculpture at the top of the escalator...
Horseshoe Casino
We had another voucher for $10 in free slots play. We turned that free $10 into $9.13!
Horseshoe Casino
Horseshoe Casino
We had it up over $20 again. But ended up walking with a little extra cash in our pocket.
Anytime you can walk out of the casino with a bit more money than you walked in with,
it's a good day. :)

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