Friday, April 4

Meet Hank, the Brewers mascot dog.

I don't know if you've heard the story of how month ago a stray dog was found wandering
around the Milwaukee Brewers’ spring training facility out in Phoenix, Arizona. He was
in pretty bad shape and looking for food. He was found by team management, taken in,
given the name Hank and adopted as the Brewers new mascot. Meet Hank...
Hank The Dog Brewers Baseball Mascot
Hank The Dog Brewers Baseball Mascot
Well, Hank has been such a hit that now the Brewers are having a Hank bobblehead night...
Hank The Dog Brewers Baseball Mascot
And they're playing the Reds that weekend! So yeah, long story short, I'm a sucker for a
great, happy story about dogs and now we have Brewers tickets for BobbleHank night.
Milwaukee, we'll be seeing you soon! :)

ps. Hey Reds, if you want to adopt Oscar... Just let us know. We're kidding. Kind of. :)

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