Thursday, November 5

A blog, a dog and a photog?

Should I change my blog to the new name? Or should I just stick with Thadd and Milan?
Obviously, the website address will remain the same:

But the name the title... catchy or confusing?

I'd like to thank Sharon Sweeney-Perrino. She posted a comment on my Facebook
about my blog and photography which I replied to and it stuck in my head. While
out walking Milan, I kept thinking, "I love my dog and my blog." And then I thought,
"And I'm the photog." Because who doesn't like stuff that rhymes?

So there you go, new name for my blog. Now I put it to a vote.
Should it stay or should it go?

UPDATE: After thinking about this for a minute while walking Milan, I've decided just
to leave well-enough alone. I think it would just be confusing to change names at this
point even though it is a brilliant name. Thanks for you feedback!

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