Thursday, November 5

Say hello to my little friend...

At work today, there was another computer sale. And this I was smart about it and got there
early. I picked up a 13" Mac G4 1.33 GHz Powerbook, 60GB hard drive & 768MB RAM.

Mac G4 Powerbook, originally uploaded by thadd.
I've never had a laptop before. I have to admit compared to my G4 Cube which has a 450
MHz processor, this thing flies. I'm updating the blog from my new Powerbook right now.
Wow, I'm in love.

I also got a Mac 1.6 GHz G5 Tower as well. The prices were so good I couldn't help myself.
For both computers, I spent less than half of what a brand new 13" Mac Powerbook would
set you back. I would like to nominate this for "Deal of Century" and combined with
being told that would get to shot the Cincinnati Opera Ball after-party, I nominate
today as one of the best days ever. But lately, it seems like every day is the best
day ever. And each day keeps topping the one before. I can't wait until tomorrow!

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