Friday, November 6

Shameful: New Mexico women's soccer.

Elizabeth Lambert of the New Mexico Lobos women's soccer team takes soccer
thuggery to a whole new level. As a fan of the beautiful game I've seen some rough
play and questionable tactics but this is just ridiculous. Take a look...

Any of the governing bodies of any major fooball league around the world would
throw the book at this girl. She'd be punished severely for this - let's see if
the NCAA cares about soccer or if New Mexico is proactive in this situation. Or
if they condone this sort of behavior in their athletics. The mantra of, "If you
can't win, hurt 'em," has no place in sports at any level. And this example should
be at LEAST a 5-match ban for Lambert, if not an entire season or her scholarship
for that ponytail yank that could have literally broken her opponent's neck.

And how on earth all of his activity was missed by the referees is unbelievable.
Lambert was not cautioned, and it's not even clear on these highlights if any fouls
were even given. The referees should also have to answer to someone for missing all
of this, and putting the safety of the players at risk.

I sent an email to the New Mexico members of the Lobo Athletic Department and coaching
asking in part how they can condone this behavior which disregards personal safety
and blatantly violates FIFA's Fair Play Code. This is embarassing for their institution
and tarnishes the reputation for soccer in the United States as a whole.

Antics like this make me so mad.

[Source: Potomac Soccer Wire]

UPDATE: Ponytail-puller Elizabeth Lambert is suspended indefinitely. Justice is served.

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