Tuesday, September 22

Cincinnati Streetcar Open House.

The Cincinnati Streetcar project had an open house this evening at the Aronoff Center.

Cincinnati Streetcar, originally uploaded by thadd.
It was interesting to see the all the facts of the proposed plan. I think living downtown
would be even more brilliant if the Streetcar project gets implemented. It would make
an already very walkable downtown even more accessible and expansive without having
to ever get in a automobile. The proposed plan would connect the downtown, OTR and
the University of Cincinnati campus. Check out the proposed map...

And think of all the issues the Streetcar could help alleviate...

See? How fun would that be? Pretty fun, if you ask me. Cincinnati really needs this.

For more information on the Cincinnati Streetcar project, visit the Cincinnati Streetcar.
And vote NO on issue 9, the Anti-Passenger Rail Amendment.

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