Tuesday, September 22

Upcoming events at the Aronoff Center...

Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles and B.B. King are coming to the Aronoff Center.

Aronoff Center, originally uploaded by thadd.
I have a ticket to see Rain on October 14th, and am thinking about looking into a ticket
for B.B. King. You might remember from the old blog, I saw him at Music Hall while back.

B.B. King, originally uploaded by thadd.
And where his music was incredible, due to the piss poor acoustics or speaker arrangement,
I couldn't hear him singing or talking at all. I know that wouldn't be the case at Aronoff Center.

UPDATE: You might remember a quick second ago I was talking about looking into tickets
to go see B.B. King. Ye-ah. I looked into that and tickets are $99, $65 and $45. Ouch.
Maybe I won't be going to see B.B. King...

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