Saturday, October 3

A low-key Saturday.

After Michigan knocked off Maryland 28-0 (#GoBLUE!), we went over to Flipdaddy's in Newport, Kentucky to get a late lunch, and watch more of the Saturday football games...
We had a couple of Rhinegeist's link textSquirrel English Brown Ales. Finally, a Rhinegeist beer that I actually enjoyed drinking. Genifer ordered Flipdaddy's quesadilla...
I ordered the Cincinnati Sunrise, a burger topped with a Goetta patty and fried egg...
It might just be my brand new favorite burger right now. It was awesome!
After lunch, we went to the grocery. I don't know why more penguins aren't just in point of purchase advertising. Penguins are so stinkin' cute...
Yep. It was a pretty low-key Saturday. And it was just what the doctor ordered. :)

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