Sunday, January 18

Championship Sunday means pizza.

We went back over to Pi Pizzeria to get some great pie and watch the second half of the Packers vs. Seahawks NFC Championship football game. We finally got around to trying Pi's chicken wings...
Pi Pizzeria
I love my chicken wings. And these were AMAZING! We followed those incredible wings up with Pi's The Hill pizza pie...
Pi Pizzeria
And that was incredible too! It was just a real dang shame the Packers couldn't be more incredible on the day and finish off those annoying Seahawks. I just plain do not care for Seattle. Not one bit. I guess sometimes it's better to be really lucky rather than just plain good. How do you throw four interceptions and still win the game? Ridiculous. Hopefully the Patriots can dominatinate them the way they dominated the Colts. I mean, that wasn't ever really a game. At all. And it was awesome! :)
On to Superb Owl 49! :)

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