Saturday, October 18

Mt. Adams Saturday.

It's been forever and a day since we've walked up into Mt. Adams to do anything. Actually according to our Swarm, the last time we checked-in up in Mt. Adams was for our holiday party last December. It was another dreary, grey, overcast Saturday afternoon. What better time to head back up into Mt. Adams?
Downtown CIncinnati
We were going to have lunch at The Rookwood...
But it was closed for a private event. :/ There's no shortage of stairs in Mt. Adams...
And it's good to see the construction isn't limited to just downtown...
Constructing CIncinnati
We'll have to go back and check out Sprout Market & Eatery...
Sprout Market & Eatery
After watching some football at a couple different spots on St. Gregory Street, we ended our evening at City View Tavern...
City View Tavern
With their great views of downtown...
Downtown Cincinnati
Downtown Cincinnati
It was a pretty fun Saturday afternoon up in Mt. Adams. :)

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