Thursday, October 11

Thank you, Reds!

The Reds got knocked out of the postseason by the Giants this afternoon. It was pretty
disappointing the way the postseason played out for the Reds after it started out looking
so promising, going up 2-0. And now the sun sets on another season of Reds baseball.
Great American Ball Park
But what a season it was! 97 regular season wins and 99 wins overall. They ended their
regular season with the second best record in all of baseball! And they picked up their
second NL Central Championship in three years!

On a personal note, we're really happy.

Both Genifer and I set new personal bests for the number of Reds games we attended.
Genifer moved her high from 20 games last season to 34 this season. And I bumped my
record up one from 34 to 35 games. And Genifer got to see her first postseason game
and I got to see my second! Now we'll just have to work on getting those postseason
games to be us bearing witness to Reds play-off wins. And that will happen.

But it was another great summer of Reds baseball! We can't wait for next season. And...
it looks like we'll be traveling to see the Reds during Spring Training in March!
Click to see ALL the photos I took at GABP during this magical season.

Go Redlegs.
And thank you.

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