Saturday, June 9

When it rains, it pours...

It's funny to me how last weekend there was nothing going on and we were struggling to
find stuff to do. And then there's this weekend, where there simply aren't enough hours in
the day to do all the fun stuff that is going on. Today is my company's summer picnic and
it's at the Cincinnati Zoo. We'd never turn down a chance to go to the zoo. Especially when
it's on the super cheap. It's just a shame we missed Zoo Babies. Still we love the zoo...
Cincinnati Zoo
Saturday morning, we were also invited to attend a behind the scenes, invitation-only
photo walk of Union Terminal. It sounded like an awesome tour promising to show parts
of the building that the public normally doesn’t get to see. The idea was just to show people
both the beautiful parts of the building and the parts that are desperately in need of repair.
It sounded like a pretty amazing tour. And I certainly hope they do it again so we can check
it out. Incidentally, Cincinnati Museum Center needs to raise hundreds of millions of dollars
to repair and restore the Union Terminal, which is about as Iconic Cincinnati as you can get.
Here a photo I took a while back of Union Terminal...
Cincinnati Museum Center
Saturday is also The City Flea, a pretty awesome and eclectic flea market in OtR.
We've check out a couple of them in the past. Remember? And remember?
The City Flea
We were also offered to free tickets to watch the Cincinnati Rollergirls final home game
of the season in exchange for a copy of whatever photos I took at the match. The match is
at another historic local building, the Cincinnati Gardens, where I saw the Cincinnati Kings
play indoor soccer. It's the last home game of the season for the Cincinnati Rollergirls and
the first-ever Crosstown Knockdown versus Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls. Remember back
a while ago when I took photos of the BnBG roller derby match? Well, I guess the CRGs
saw those photos and want to get me to a game to take some photos of them in action.
Historic Cincinnati Gardens...
Cincinnati Gardens
But I dont think we're going to be able to make it to the roller derby because one of my very
favorite bands, Pomegranates is having a release party for their new album. The show is at
Madison Theatre in Covington, who asked me if I wanted photo passes to the show so I could
take some photos. Absolutely! It's been over a year since I've seen Pom play live. And that's
waaay too long ago. The last time I saw them play was last year at Taste of Cincinnati when
they followed The Seedy Seeds. I tried to go to see them play one of the very final shows
at Southgate House. But it was completely sold out by the time I got there. :( But needless
to say, I'm very excited to see Pom tonight. And to hear their new album. Madison Theatre...
2009 CEA's
And so that's our Saturday. Whew!

There's also the Newport Italian Fest taking place all weekend long. We were thinking that
we would walk across the river to check it out on Sunday. We had fun at Italian Fest last year.
This weekend is also Second Sunday on Main Street, an eclectic neighborhood festival in OtR.
I've been up to check it out before, but Genifer never has so we might check that out too.
Second Sundays
And the Reds continue their inter-league series against the Detroit Tigers on ESPN's
Sunday Night Baseball. And we have our cheap seat tickets all set to go to that game as well.
Here's what it looked like in front of GABP after the Reds win on Sunday Night Baseball last year...
Great American Ball Park
So yeah, there's all sorts of fun stuff going on this weekend. And we love it. :)

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