Thursday, December 22

Pomegranates at Southgate House.

I ventured across the river to hear one of my favorite bands, Pomegranates in the final
waning days of the historic Southgate House, scheduled to close after the year ends.
Southgate House
Southgate House
Southgate House
Southgate House
But when I got inside, I was sadly informed that the Pom show had sold-out about
twenty minutes prior to my arrival. And that kind of sucks. But I came home watched
the Xavier game (ugh), had a couple of beers, listened to some Pom and took a walk down
memory lane by looking at all the old photos I had taken of Pom at Southgate House.

Hopefully, I'll have better luck next Thursday when another fave, The Seedy Seeds play
Southgate House for the final time.

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