Saturday, March 31

Cincy's on Sixth.

I had lunch at Cincy's on Sixth with coworkers on Thursday. I had this Cuban Wrap that
was just out of this world delicious. I told Genifer about it, and she wanted to check out
the new place too. We walked over today to grab lunch so she could see Cincy's on Sixth.
Cincy's on Sixth
We ordered a chicken quesadilla as an appetizer...
Cincy on Sixth
Cincy on Sixth
But to be honest with you, we ordered it more as a back-up plan because Genifer ordered
the Firehouse Burger. It had jalapeno's, pepperjack cheese and special fire sauce...
Cincy on Sixth
Cincy on Sixth
Cincy on Sixth
The burger packed some serious heat but was absolutely amazing with all it's flavor.
I ordered the triple decker grilled cheese. And it was just oozing with ooey-gooey
deliciousness. I'm usually not a fan of waffle fries but theirs were done perfectly.
Cincy on Sixth
The food is a just night and day from what it used to be at Cadillac Ranch. Combine
their menu with a decent beer list, and we have another place to add of list of new
restaurants we really like downtown.
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