Saturday, March 31

Blue Wisp.

Blue Wisp
We went to Blue Wisp to watch the second Final Four basketball game. While we were
watching, we started to get a bit hungry. Looking over Blue Wisp's menu, we ordered
a house salad and the Meatloaf Minis. Both were very tasty but no where near the
small bites we thought we were ordering. As it turns out, we ordered a ton of food.
Genifer's house salad...
Blue Wisp
And my Meatloaf Minis complete with mashed potatoes, gravy and onion strings...
Blue Wisp
And in the main room, there was a packed house to see a special Tango performance...
Blue Wisp
We love Blue Wisp. Great atmosphere. Great music. Great bar, terrific beer selection.
And great food. who knew? This place really does have it all.
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  1. Thanks Thadd for the nice review. We have been known for bringing in great live music for the past 32 years. We finally opened a kitchen just this past January and the response has been great.
    Ed Felson, owner/music director