Friday, May 27


I'm really excited about tomorrow. First, there's the Championship League Final clash
of the titans between Barcelona and Manchester United. Epic. (Go Barca!). It's also
Taste of Cincinnati. All weekend long. Epic in and of itself but made even more epic
by the Taste musical line-up that I just saw for Saturday. Ahem... wow. Remember
Cincinnati Brass? They're playing in the afternoon followed by The Pinstripes, who
I've been trying to hear play for since last summer. And then in the evening are one
of my favorites, The Seedy Seeds followed by another of my favorites Pomegranates.
And the kicker, they are all playing in the P&G Gardens just a block from my apartment.
Throw in the very strong possibility of getting to spend time with Genifer, and we've
arrived at one epic Saturday. And I just can't wait for tomorrow. :)
Taste of Cincinnati
ps. Okay, I just did a search on my blog for The Seedy Seeds and then one for Pom.
This is nuts but check this out...
Seeds + Pom at Popopolis
Seeds at the CEA awards
Seeds at Southgate House
Seeds at Southgate House
Seeds at Madhatter
Pom at Southgate House
Pom at the zoo
Seeds + Pom at Madhatter
Pom on Fountatin Square
Seeds on Fountain Square
Seeds at MPMF
Pom at Southgate House
Seeds at Southgate House
I think I might qualify as a fan of these two bands. LOL.

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