Wednesday, August 11

Congratulations to my mom and dad!

Each week the Kalamazoo restaurant/microbrewery, Olde Penninsula holds a 16 team euchre
tournament. It's become quite the popular event downtown with spots becoming increasingly
difficult to secure. And tonight, my parents won the tournament for the first time!

"Tonight we arrived early enough at Olde Penninsula to get one of the sixteen spots
in the single elimination euchre tournament. We played four teams and the cards were
falling right! We were gutsy and dominated play, the closest game was 10-7. By 11:10
we had enjoyed 5 pints (two for mom and three for dad) at $2 a piece and walked away
with two $15 top prize certificates. It's so good, so good, so good!

Congratulations mom and dad! That's awesome!

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