Monday, March 1

I just got tickets for the 2010 NCAA Play-in game!

Heck yes! I had the most incredible seat for last year's NCAA Basketball Play-in game...
Morehead St v. Alabama St
That was Section 108 Row C. This year the tickets I got are in... Section 109 Row D. FTW!
Right on the freaking floor again! How about that? And I got three of the them this year!
Hey mom and dad, wanna go to the first game of the Big Dance and sit in Row D?

You may or may not remember, but at last year's NCAA Play-in game, I snapped this gem...
Brent Musberger, Steve Lavin and Erin Andrews... I still can't believe I got that shot.
Click to see the rest of the photos I took at last year's NCAA Play-in game.


  1. Holy crap...that is a great picture of Musberger, Lavin and Andrews. They must have walked right past you for you to get this shot. Nice work.

  2. LOL. I was stalking them for a photo after the game.
    I was like a big game hunter.