Thursday, November 19

I got my haircut this evening.

It had been six weeks since I got it cut this evening. I wanted to look respectable at the
Cincinnati Opera After-party, and not all "shaggy-dog" as my dad would say. So my
hair looks presentable again. And once again, it's also incredible easy to style.
Photos to come...

On my way home from getting my haircut, I stopped and got a slice from Lucy Blue Pizza.

Lucy Blue Pizza, originally uploaded by thadd.
Whenever I would visit Josh and Jeannette at MIT in Cambridge Mass, I used to love walking
down Mass Ave to Hi-Fi Pizza and Giant Subs to grab a late night slice. Lucy Blue Pizza is the
Cincinnati equivalent of Hi-Fi. Open late night until 3am Wednesday through Saturday.
And their pizza is good too! Conveniently located (for me) just down Seventh Street.

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  1. Love Lucy Blue...although I usually find myself hitting up their 12th Street location in OTR.