Thursday, October 8

Our final #Ks4LaRosa's pizza of 2015.

We redeemed our EIGHTH and final #Ks4LaRosas free pizza of the 2015 Reds season...
The last free #Ks4LaRosas pizza from @larosaspizzeria of this #Reds season. We got 8 free pizzas this season! Thanks #LaRosasPizza!
LaRosa’s gave away pizza after 21 Reds games this year! If my calculation are correct (ugh, math), I think we've been to just over 40 games where the Reds have struck out 11 or more batters over the last four seasons of this promotion. That's over 80 delicious LaRosa's pizzas we've received... for FREE! We certainly hope they continue #Ks4LaRosas next season! :)

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