Thursday, July 2

CincyInk: #InkYourLove.

"CincyInk is an interactive, citywide celebration of love for Cincinnati, manifesting itself in the form of poems, tattoos and urban art installations. ArtWorks timed the launch of the public art installations with the MLB All-Star baseball game to show our civic pride to the world and introduce our city’s commitment to art and creativity. It is a sure “wow” for our out-of-town guests and immerses them in our love for Cincinnati."

This quote was just being applied to the side of the downtown Cincinnati Public Library...
And we stumbled across this one on Walnut Street on our way to Fountain Square...
#InkYourLove on Walnut Street in downtown Cincinnati.
The execution is pretty neat. Big, large-scale random quotes scattered around downtown. But the concept is really abstract. And I don't know how much sense these big quotes will make to someone visiting Cincinnati from out-of-town. Because I don't know how much sense any of these quotes make to me. And I live here. I guess it gives people something else to talk about while walking around downtown. :)

AND... As it turns out that last photo was the 1000th photo I've posted to my Instagram! :)

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