Thursday, October 9

Jimmy G's Barge Bash Burger.

We've been wanting to try the burger at Jimmy G's for a while now. But whenever we'd
wander into Jimmy's, we'd always end up going with steaks especially while they were
still doing their Steak :30 Wednesdays. Sadly, those days have passed. Tonight, we
finally got to try Jimmy's Barge Bash Burger: dry-aged grind, smoked bacon-tomato jam,
bleu and house pickle...

Jimmy G's
And it was delicious. I'm usually not a huge fan of bleu cheese on my burger but this was
the exception. It may not be the best burger I've ever had (Estelle's). I mean, how could
you possibly definitively award that designation? I don't know. But Jimmy's burger is
definitely right there in that conversation for the best burger I've ever eaten...
Jimmy G's
Whenever you're at Jimmy's, you definitely have to get his creme brulee.
Jimmy G's
Have. To. It's just inhumane not to treat yourself. Some amazingly delicious flavors that
Jimmy has going on. Great stuff. :)
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