Saturday, September 27

Lunch at Boswell's.

After climbing all those stairs, our behind the scenes tour of Union Terminal left us in
desperate need of a cheeseburger. So we headed off in the direction of Northside via
College Hill to find some burgers.
We stopped at Boswell's. We stopped there before after a very cold and rainy edition of
The City Flea
last year and shared a delicious cod fish sammich.
Genifer ordered a mushroom swiss burger which I completely forgot to take a picture of,
mainly because I was so excited for my burger. Because Boswell's offers green olives
as one of the ingredients you can get on top of your burger! I haven't seen that since way
back in the day with the Mr. Fabulous Burger from Mr. Fables up in Grand Rapids.
Add some mayo and boom! Instant Mr. Fabulous burger! At least pretty darn close to it.
What a delicious burger! I can't wait to come back soon and enjoy it all over again!
We also learned that Sunday is Pasta Day at Boswell's...
Salad, pasta, garlic bread and tiramisu for dessert. And all for just $10!
We'll have to give that a try sometime in the near future! :)
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