Sunday, July 13

The World Cup final.

The Reds game resumed play after a 56 minute rain delay right as the second half of
the World Cup final was about to kick-off. So we ducked across the street to Crave to
get a bite to eat and watch the second half of the World Cup final between Germany and
Argentina. Genifer started with a seaweed salad...
Crave America
And followed with their delicious Kobe beef tacos...
Crave America
I got the western burger. I love my burgers...
Crave America
As it turns out, we could have stayed to watch the end of the Reds-Pirates game before
Germany scored the only goal of the final in extra time to beat Argentina 1-0. Hindsight
is a funny thing, or not so funny thing sometimes...
Crave America
Crave America
Germany was definitely the best team in the entire tournament. And all I have to say at
the end of the World Cup is this... Germany 7 Brazil 1 and Germany 1 #USMNT 0. USA!
#IBelieve! It was another great World Cup. :)

I really respect Argentina's Lionel Messi. But did you see the many faces of sad Messi
after the match. You gotta feel for him. But it's still kinda funny. :)

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