Friday, June 27

Penn Station's new BLT.

We have a confession. We love BLTs. And we really love Penn Station. When we heard
that Penn Station will soon be introducing a limited time only BLT, we jumped at the chance
to preview the new sammich before it was made available to the hungry masses...
Penn Station
Penn Station
Penn Station
"Penn Station's BLT is loaded with thick-cut bacon, fresh lettuce, and roma tomatoes and
topped with Hellman’s mayonnaise (optional). For those who are bacon lovers, their BLTs
have one slice of bacon per inch of sandwich and are truly unique compared to others."

Penn Station
And that is one tasty sammich! Lots of delicious bacon, just the perfect amount of lettuce,
tomatoes and mayonnaise all on that delicious Penn Station bread...
Penn Station
And you know what the best part of the sammich was?
Penn Station
The best part was that I still had a whole other half to enjoy!
Penn Station
I'm not sure when it'll be available to the public. When it is, make sure you give it a try! :)

Thanks to Penn Station and Powers Agency for the delicious advanced BLT tasting.
Greatly appreciated! :)

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