Saturday, May 17

Taste of Belgium.

After The City Flea, we were looking for lunch. Both Bakersfield and The Eagle were
packed like sardines as usual. We've always wanted to give Taste of Belgium a try. We've
heard nothing but good things. But we've just never been able to get there early enough
on the weekends to beat the crowds. Walking by ToB today, we noticed a couple of seats
open at their bar. Could today finally be the day that we get to try Taste of Belgium's
famous Waffles and Chicken? It definitely looks like it...
Taste of Belgium
Taste of Belgium
Taste of Belgium
Taste of Belgium
Belgium wheat, I really can't remember which one...
Taste of Belgium
It was very good though! We shared the famous ToB Waffles and Chicken...
Taste of Belgium
Taste of Belgium
Delicious stuff! I can see why everyone has going nuts over this place! And especially
this dish! The way the sweetness of the waffle and maple syrup mingle with the savory
chicken and hot sauce. Absolutely magically. Amazing! Don't tell anyone but 4:15pm on
a Saturday is the time to go! :)
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