Tuesday, March 18

Snappy Tomato Pizza.

I was craving spaghetti for lunch. I scoured Downtown Cincinnati Inc's restaurant list
of available Italian and pizzeria options. Then looked for my spaghetti options. I saw
on Snappy Tomato Pizza's website that they have baked spaghetti. I've never ate at the
Snappy Tomato down at Fourth and Walnut Streets. And thought I would give it a try...
Snappy Tomato Pizza
When I get there, they don't have spaghetti. Only baked rigatoni. Fine.
Snappy Tomato Pizza
Snappy Tomato Pizza
The rigatoni was just okay. The biggest hinderance was trying to break through that thick
protective layer of cheese with a flimsy plastic fork. Once I finally broke though, like I
said, it was just okay. I was pretty excited that it came with two pieces of garlic bread.
But those were pretty soggy. And not very garlic-y. I glanced at their all-you-can eat lunch
pizza buffet while I ws waiting, it didn't look bad. Nothing to get all excited about. But
seems like a good value at $6. Hopefully, it's better than their rigatoni. Because at the
end of the end, I'm still really craving spaghetti. :/
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