Saturday, March 8

Red Roost... Chickow!

We went back over to Red Roost Tavern in the Hyatt Regency for dinner this evening...
Red Roost Tavern
While we were there, we stumbled across this really outstanding hazelnut double brown
ale called Chickow! from Cincinnati's own Triple Digit Brewery...
Red Roost Tavern
Red Roost Tavern
I would go back just for the beer alone. But we also ordered dinner...
Red Roost Tavern
Last time we were at Red Roost, Genifer ordered a delightful Summer Salad. But with
Red Roost's concept being farm to table, they didn't have the Summer Salad since it's
not summer. She ordered this spectacular Quinoa Salad with winter squash, walnuts,
arugula, roasted tomatoes and apple cider vinaigrette...
Red Roost Tavern
It was delicious. Last time we were here, I had the Bison Burger. They were out of it this
time. So I just ordered the equally delicious Grass-Fed Burger...
Red Roost Tavern
Red Roost Tavern
And we shared their amazing French Onion soup...
Red Roost Tavern
Delicious, delicious stuff. We'll definitely be hurrying back to get a couple more Chickow!
And another incredible meal very soon! :)
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