Friday, January 3

Cafe Italia.

I've been wanting to give the pizza place, Cafe Italia inside Horseshoe Casino a try for
a bit now. We walk by it every time we're at the casino to go to Bobby's Burger Palace
and it always looked pretty enticing. Pizza sounded really good and it's not a far walk
from the office this cold afternoon so I thought it would be a good day to try some pizza.
Horseshoe Casino
Cafe Italia
Cafe Italia
I got a slice of three meat and a slice of Italian sausage and a soda for $8. Not bad.
If the pizza was a lot better. It was really greasy with super-thin, almost rubbery crust.
Cafe Italia
Cafe Italia
My jaw hurt hurt by the time I was done chewy up the first slice. One more to go...
Cafe Italia
I guess sometimes when you try new sometimes you're going to get misses.
And this was definitely one of them. Pizza King it was not. :/
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