Friday, November 29

The last of the great Pacific Northwest.

This afternoon, we walked up to Horseshoe Casino to gamble away our last $20 voucher
for free slots play for the month of November.
Horseshoe Casino
But mostly we just wanted to we just wanted eat one last delicious Burger of the Month
at Bobby's Burger Palace...
Horseshoe Casino
Horseshoe Casino
The Pacific Northwest Burger...
Horseshoe Casino
Hands down, it's our favorite burger we've ever had at BBP. We really wish Bobby would add
the Pacific Northwest to his full time burger menu so we could get it whenever we wanted.
After finishing our amazing burger, we gambled our free $20. We went up a little bit. But
we lost it all pretty quickly. You can't beat free money at the casino. And you definitely
can't beat that burger. :)

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