Monday, October 14

It's a sign.

We saw this while we were out and about for an upcoming event at Washington Park...
Second Sunday on Main
Okay. My interest is piqued. It's for the Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire. Sounds really fun.
And then we saw this one for another event at Washington Park...
Second Sunday on Main
This event is actually called The Rise of the Cool Kids. That's actually what it's called.
The Rise of the Cool Kids. And I'm instantly skeptical of just how cool it could possibly
be. If you're calling yourself one of the "Cool Kids," chances are you're anything but.

Plus, tickets are $10. And to me, it sounds to me like someone's making a cash grab,
feeding off people's deep-seeded desire to always want to be one of the "cool kids."
I'd post a link to a website that has more information about the event but you know,
they don't have one. Just a ton of different sites where you can buy event tickets.
Which makes me even more skeptical.

UPDATE: Come to find out that "The Rise of the Cool Kids" is merely a digital projected
fashion show put on by the owner of Over-the-Rhine's Sloane Boutique. Cool kids. Pfft. :/

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