Friday, August 23

McCabe's Granola.

The nice people over McCabe's Granola sent us a samples of their wonderful granola.
I have to say I was immediately drawn in by the fun packaging. Really nicely done.
McCabe's Granola
They sent us all of their flavors. Delta Blueberry...
McCabe's Granola
McCabe's Granola
McCabe's Granola
PB & Chocolate...
McCabe's Granola
McCabe's Granola
McCabe's Granola
Cran with a Twist...
McCabe's Granola
McCabe's Granola
McCabe's Granola
True Original...
McCabe's Granola
And even sent over a True Original bar for us to try...
McCabe's Granola
The story of McCabe's Granola goes like this...
"McCabes was founded in 2006 by two girls attending the University of Dayton.
They came up with a recipe that was so delicious that they couldn't make it fast
enough. They realized the full potential of their recipe when they could barter
homemade granola for computer repairs, a new bike or even a date.

Between new families, growing careers in their day jobs, doctoral studies and kids,
the girls decided to sell the company two years ago to a local family, the Muth's.

But the Muths aren’t just any family though, Mom Susan is at the helm. She's a
seasoned sales consultant with Cisco. Son Michael is in charge of store sales and
day-to-day operations. Father Chris and other son Jameson help out behind the scenes.

In two years, the company has grown exponentially, expanding into all of Ohio,
and major markets in Kentucky and Indiana through Kroger and Whole Foods."

McCabe's Granola
I'm not a huge granola fan. But McCabe's is some of the tastiest granola that we've even
put in my mouth. The Delta Blueberry and the PB&Chocolate are our two favorites flavors.
The Cran with a Twist is good too. I'm just not a real big cranberry guy. The True Original
is very tasty as well. But as delicious as the Delta Blueberry and PB&Chocolate both are,
I have no doubt in my mind that they'll disappear first. Because I find myself reaching
for those bags again and again. It's definitely worth picking up a bag or two and trying
them for yourself. McCabe's is available at these fine retailers or you can order online.

Give McCabe's Granola a try today! :)

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