Sunday, August 18

Free pizza #10!

This afternoon we enjoyed our tenth free pizza of the Reds season. This free pizza was
courtesy of last Sunday's dramatic 3-2 extra innings win against the Padres.
Last season, there were 13 total "pizza for strikeouts" games where the Reds pitchers
struck out 11 or more batters. According to the AP's Dan Sewell, LaRosa's has already
given 190,000 pizzas in 19 "pizza for strikeouts" games so far this season with nearly
2 dozen Reds home games left. And that adds up to over a half-million-dollars' worth of
pizza so far this year. I certainly hope they can afford to keep this promotion going for
many more seasons to come because free pizza tastes awesome!

We're going to the games on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday so maybe we'll be there
when LaRosa's gives away their 20th free pizza of the this Reds season! :)

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