Thursday, August 22

Anita's Mexican Kitchen.

We were going to the grocery this evening. But we didn't want to go on an empty stomach.
We tried to stop at our very favoritest Mexican place, Rio Grande. It was packed. So we
hopped back in the car and went exploring down Alexandria Pike, and eventually stumbled
across Anita's Mexican Kitchen. With the taste for Mexican food already in our mouths,
we decided to try something new. Maybe we'll find a new favorite Mexican restaurant.
Anita's Mexican Kitchen
Anita's Mexican Kitchen
Anita's Mexican Kitchen
Anita's Mexican Kitchen
We quickly scanned some of the reviews and tips on Foursquare, we followed their advice
and started with the queso, which almost all of the comments raved about.
Anita's Mexican Kitchen
Awesome! The guacamole could have used a little bit more flavor and kick. It was okay.
Genifer ordered this incredibly delicious cheese stuffed poblano pepper...
Anita's Mexican Kitchen
And an equally cheesy and delicious cheese enchilada...
Anita's Mexican Kitchen
I ordered two ground beef chalupas...
Anita's Mexican Kitchen
Awesome as well. And we finished off with a side of beans and rice...
Anita's Mexican Kitchen
Everything was delicious. We definitely ordered way too much food. Again. The staff was
super nice and attentive. I don't know that Anita's will replace Rio Grande as our go-to
Mexican restaurant but it's definitely giving them a run for their money. I want to go back
to Anita's soon and try my favorite Mexican dish of all time, ground beef chimichangas.
For me, that will be the real test of which Mexican joint truly reigns supreme in my heart.
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