Tuesday, June 25

The Spread Buffet versus Bobby's Burger Palace.

Tonight, we were going to give The Spread Buffet at Horseshoe Casino another chance.
When we there on Sunday, it was just plain underwhelming by any buffet standard. We
grabbed a couple of Reds tickets and walked to the casino. And if you thought the line
was ridiculous on Sunday, check this line out...
Horseshoe Casino
Horseshoe Casino
And walking...
Horseshoe Casino
And still walking...
Horseshoe Casino
We heard the wait for the buffet was approximately THREE AND A HALF HOURS. That's
just plain nuts. I was irritated on Sunday by having to wait thirty minutes. There's no way
I would in a line like this. For anything. Ever. Especially a mediocre buffet. So we kept right
on walking to Bobby's Burger Palace. Genifer order Bobby's Buffalo Burger...
Bobby's Burger Palace
Bobby's Burger Palace
And I ordered their Griddle Cheese Deluxe...
Bobby's Burger Palace
And then we shard them and each had half of both sammiches. :)
Bobby's Burger Palace
YUM! Delicious stuff! When we were finished eating. the buffet wait still looked like this...
It's beyond ridiculous. Some people will do anything for a free meal. :/

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