Thursday, June 13

Food Truckin' for Josh Cares.

Today at lunch time on Fountain Square was Food Truckin' for Josh Cares. Eight food
trucks lined the Square to serve lunch and do some good. All proceeds went to support
Josh Cares, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support, companionship and
comfort to critically or chronically ill children so they don't suffer through lengthy hospital
stays feeling alone when their families aren't able to stay with them.
Food Truckin' for Josh Cares
And people turned out in droves pack to the Square. We went around 12:30, and I don't
think there was a food truck that had a line with fewer than 20-25 people in it.
Food Truckin' for Josh Cares
Food Truckin' for Josh Cares
Food Truckin' for Josh Cares
We made our way to New Orleans To Go on the far because they had no line. But that was
because they were already all sold out of all their food stuffs. We decided the frequency
that we get to see all these food trucks that it was kind of silly to wait in the huge lines.
After all, who are we to hog the food trucks all the time. Other people deserve to experience
the joy and deliciousness of the Cincinnati Food Trucks as well. So we made our small
donation, and moved on in hopes of finding a lunch spot that wasn't wall-to-wall people...
Food Truckin' for Josh Cares
Such a great cause. I hope they raised a ton of money for Josh Cares. :)

For more information, and to learn more about how you can help, visit

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