Tuesday, March 5

Downtown is continually evolving.

I got my haircut today. This isn't really important except for it took me over to a part of
downtown Cincinnati that I don't really frequent. After my haircut, I stopped to check out
the progress of the construction of the new Dunnhumby building at Fifth and Race Streets...
Dunnhumby Construction
Dunnhumby Construction
That's quite the hole they're digging there. Then I walked down the block to get another look
at the garage at Fourth and Race Streets. It's slated to become a new 30-story mixed-use
high-rise with a rumored 15,000 square foot grocery store. I've heard so many rumors about
this space... I've heard that it was going to be a movie theatre, then a bowling alley, then
a different grocery. So I'm not buying into the hype just yet. Only when the parking garage
finally begins to come down will I start to get all excited about the possibilities this project
could bring to an area of downtown that is pretty barren of both activity and entertainment
options. Anyway, here's the garage that could be making way for the new development...
Tower Place Parking Garage
Tower Place Parking Garage
Walk back through Tower Place, I was shocked to find that all the restaurants in the once
vibrant Tower Place food court have closed. The only restaurant still open is a Subway.
Tower Place Food Court
The only thing that would suck about this development is that the place I get my haircut
will have to find a new home. I just hope they stay downtown. Because I really like they
way they've always cut my hair. I guess it's a small price to pay in the continual evolution
of downtown Cincinnati. It just keeps getting better and better down here. :)

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