Monday, March 25

Back to Yard House.

We went back to Yard House for Happy Hour. Hopefully, with a few less people around.
Yard House
We started with some Moo Shu Egg Rolls...
Yard House
Then we tried some of Yard House's street tacos...
Yard House
From the left, Grilled Korean Beef Short Rib, Carnitas and Grilled Korean Pork Belly
with spicy beans and rice. The Short Rib was my favorite. But they were all really good.
They're not as good as the tacos at Bakersfield, but they definitely hold their own against
the Kogi Beef Tacos at Crave. Still, I would definitely order them again!
Next, we shared an incredible Margherita pizza...
Yard House
And finally, we split a amazing Mini Creme Brulee topped with caramelized bananas...
Yard House
Truly amazing stuff! And like I said before, Yard House is a great addition to The Banks.

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