Saturday, January 5

Virgil's Cafe.

We were over across the river in the Commonwealth, running some errands and looking
for something to eat. We stumbled across Virgil's Cafe in Bellevue. I've heard nothing but
good things about the place and knew it was over there somewhere but wasn't exactly
sure where. We were so hungry I completely lapsed on grabbing a photo of outside of
Virgil's. But the inside of the place is pretty teeny-tiny...
Virgil's Cafe
I also completely blanked on taking a photo of Genifer's delicious chef salad and worse
still, I have no photographic proof that I devoured one of the best burgers that I've ever
had. But I did remember to get a photo of our appetizer of Buttermilk soaked frog legs...
Virgil's Cafe
Neither of us had ever tried frog legs before. And you know, they were really pretty good.
Not exactly something I would rush right back to eat again. But at least now I can say
that I've tried them. They came with these cheddar and jalapeno hush puppies that were
just incredible. And as far as a photo of that amazing burger... I guess I'll just have to take
one for the team, and go eat another one. You know, just so I can get a photo. Oh, the sacrifices
I'm willing to make for this blog. :)
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