Saturday, September 1

A really great burger.

To dodge the torrential downpour that interrupted our Guinness Oyster Fest festivities,
we stopped into Mynt Martini on Fountain Square. And stumbled on to something pretty
awesome. They were cooking up burgers on their grill for just $5. It's pretty hard to
mess up a burger on the grill. And we love grill. Genifer and I had to try a couple.
And it was really an incredible burger! As were the chips. And on Thursdays, they have
buy one, get one free burgers! You know where we're going to be come Thursday.

Mynt also had a dunking booth on their patio for some reason. So when we were done eating,
I let Genifer dunk me a couple times...
Dunking tank
Dunking tank
We were going to get soaked on the way home anyway. :)
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