Monday, August 6

C'est Cheese!

I was walking back to work after lunch and I saw the C'est Cheese food truck on the
far on Fifth Street. Even though I had already eaten lunch, I couldn't resist picking
up a couple of grilled cheese sammiches for Genifer and I to share later. This was only
the third time that I've seen their food truck, Blanche. The only other two times were
at The City Flea at Washington Park and at the Cincinnati Night Owl Market.
C'est Cheese
Today, I order the Bee Sting...
C'est Cheese
And the Spicy Yetta...
C'est Cheese
C’Est Cheese on Urbanspoon
Oh... and C'est Cheese tweeted a photo of us with our very first Spicy Yetta at The City Flea!


  1. The Bee Sting rocks. So do Emily and Blanche :)

  2. Agreed! Awesome sammiches, delightful people! :)