Monday, July 16

Shanghai Mama's.

After the 4EG Happy Hour, we were walking and decided to stop at the recently reopened
Shanghai Mama's to grab a little carry-out bite to eat. It's like visiting old friends.
Shanghai Mama's
Shanghai Mama's
Shanghai Mama's
Apparently, we ordered a ton of food...
Shanghai Mama's
Shanghai Mama's
Shanghai Mama's
We ordered some Mama Tso's Spicy Chicken...
Shanghai Mama's
Some Szechuan Chicken Flatbread...
And a couple of egg rolls...
Not pictured was a side salad that I forgot to take a photo of. But we got all this
delicious food for just over $20. And everything we ordered we absolutely delicious.
My mouth was on fire for a bit after the Mama Tso's but I didn't mind. Great stuff!
Welcome back Shanghai Mama's. We missed you. A lot!
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