Monday, June 11

What a weekend!

This was a pretty epic weekend as far as non-holiday weekends are concerned. We packed
a bunch of activities into just a couple of days.

Friday night, we went to the Reds-Tigers game and listened to a bit of the Midpoint Music
Indie Summer Series on Fountain Square.

Saturday, we wandered through The City Flea, and had a pretty spectacular chicken sammich
from Cafe de Wheels. From there, we spent the affternoon at the zoo. We love the zoo. Then,
we came home watched the end of the Reds game, and caught our breath for a minute. Finally,
we ventured across the river to Covington to hear one of my favorite bands, Pomegranates
play at Madison Theatre. And they released a new album called Heaven that I cannot wait to
listen to over and over again.

Sunday, we watched the Spain-Italy Euro 2012 match on TV at home. Then we walked across
the river to wander through Newport Italian Fest. From there, we watched Ireland and Croatia
square off in an Irish pub. We made our way back home to change into our Reds gear, and head
out to the final game of the Reds-Tigers series which was on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball.

Mix in a bunch of dog walks, and that was pretty much our weekend. Keep an eye on this post.
I already have most of the photos uploaded to my Flickr. And I'll be adding links to each
blog posts as I get them done. It's rainy today so hopefully I'll be able to get all the posts
up this evening.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend. I know we sure did! :)

UPDATE: All the photos I took this weekend are uploaded and the blog posts are live!
Click on the above links to see the fun stuff we did this weekend. We had a blast.

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