Monday, June 18

Welcome to A Good Week.

A Good Week is a global celebration of all the Good that happens in the world.
A Good Week
Over seven supercharged days (June 18-24), a spotlight will shine upon on the people,
communities and businesses who do Good. The vision is a world where everyone can
Feel Good, Do Good and Live Good. And the desire is to have A Good Week help work
towards that goal. I thought this a really neat concept as so much focus is placed on
all that is wrong with the world. To focus on the Good and the positive seems like a
refreshing change of pace. For more information about A Good Week or how you can
get involved, visit their website at... A Good Week.
A Good Week
A Good Week
A Good Week
A Good Week
I hope everyone takes a little time out to celebrate all that is good in the world.
And have A Good Week. :)

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