Monday, May 21

Photos from our trip to San Francisco.

All 445 photos that I took on our trip to San Francisco are all uploaded and now all have
descriptions over in a set on my Flickr.
San Francisco 2012
I was going to go back and try retrofit blog posts for the trip but we've done so many
things since we've been back home that I don't know if anyone would scroll back far
enough through my blog to actually get to those posts from our trip last week. So I just
made a set of all the photos I took while we were out in San Fran.

We had a wonderful time. My sister, Shannon was an incredible guide. We crammed
a ton of activities into just a few days. And I tried to capture as much of our trip as I could.

Click here to see all the photos I took of our trip to San Francisco.
I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed our trip. :)

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