Saturday, April 28


Finding ourselves out and about in suburbia this afternoon, we decided to venture just a
little bit further to find the much renowned Cincinnati BBQ joint, SmoQ.
There were so many amazing sounding things on their menu. Making a decision was tough.
We started off with some hushpuppies. I've been craving hushpuppies for weeks.
And they gave us some of the best cornbread muffins that I've ever tasted.
Genifer ordered the pulled pork sammich with cole slaw on top...
I went for broke. And ordered the rib combo. It was a full slab but half Memphis-style
baby back ribs, and a half slab of dry rub St. Louis-style ribs. It came with two sides
and we decided on the mashed potatoes and three-cheese mac and cheese...
Both were excellent. But the St. Louis-style ribs were where it was at. Soo delicious.
We ate and ate and ate on our meals but still had a huge box of BBQ to take with us.
We're going to have to find more excuses to venture out to the 'burbs to enjoy more of the
delicious SmoQ BBQ. It is really pretty amazing stuff. When we left, we were pretty much
in a meat coma. When we got home, we turned on the Reds game and took a nap.
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