Friday, April 6

A Buckhead Happy Hour.

We were invited to a Hamburgers & Homeruns Happy Hour at Johnny Rockets' The Banks.

Per the email that I received yesterday...
"As local insiders, we want to kick off the season by treating you to an evening of
good times in true Johnny Rockets style. Be our guest for a night of fun and festivities
especially designed for you Cincinnati influencers. In celebration of the season opener,
we are hosting an exclusive complimentary happy hour on Friday, April 6th from 6-8PM
and you're invited."

"Join us at Johnny Rockets The Banks and taste some of our signature menu items and win
tickets to major upcoming local sporting events. Please take a moment to RSVP and secure
your spot on our guest list ASAP... Please feel free to forward this exclusive invite
to other local sports-minded media."
Seriously? :/

"We look forward to meeting you at Johnny Rockets' Hamburgers & Homeruns Happy Hour!"

We politely declined, and went back to Buckhead this evening instead to enjoy their patio.
Personally, I'd much rather just relax outside with Genifer on my Friday evening. :)

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