Thursday, March 29

Taken with Instagram.

Looking out my window this morning, I was struck by how pretty downtown looked as the
rising sun started to reflect off the windows and cast the first light of a new day across the
city. I usually grab my mobile to grab quick shots like this. But this morning, I decided to
grab a couple of shots with the Instagram app on my iPad as well...

I never really think to use Instrgram because it's on my iPad. And that makes it less
convenient than grabbing one of my cameras or my mobile. But I really like a lot of shots
I seen captured with Instagram. I think my sister uses Instagram almost exclusively to
capture photos for her blog, and the results she achieves are wonderful.

But she also has an amazing eye for the composition of her photos, and she travels to a lot of
exotic locales which provide her with great subject matter. And that makes more of a difference
than which app you decide to use.

But nonetheless, Instagram is a great app. And I'll have to try remember to use it more often.

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